Thursday, 28 July 2011

Burswood suck up my monehh D:

On Monday we went to met Cynthia in the city. We went to Sing K and she was great as always ((: After that we had steam bot for dinner :D 

We went to Burswood again 2 days ago sighhhh .. lost around 400+ ..  that's one burberry wallet D: After that went to All night Pizza with Clem, Will, Ting Ting and King , I bought the pizza for every1 to share even though i lost money : / We keep repeating this song in Will's car it's called 不要在我寂寞的时候说爱我  . this song is really meaningful haha

Yesterday we had a mini "party" at Mark's and Cynthia was there YAY even though we didn't do much but I was happy :D I'm pretty sure she felt bored tho ): After that gt pulled by mark to go axyl's house to play Poker FFS he made me skipped my school again )): but he's leaving on Friday already so it's worth staying all night I guess. So the next day I didn't manage to go to school because we finished poker at 6 30.

Today, woke up at 2 ish .. didn't do much just went to Murdoch gym to play some basketball, and some1 with a willo leavers said HEY !! to us from far away but me and Clem didn't recognise who it is, as she walks closer its YOUDAN !! haha Clem was happy but shy lol. I am staying home the whole night so i can go to school tmr hope no 1 come and drag me out of the house ((:

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Burswood & Metro :D

I went burswood with Will and Clement yesterday. Everyone won :)) YAY hehe . but Will still complains that he didn't win enough.hahaha me and Clement were playing Bacarat and Will was playing BlackJack by himself. All the aunties were shock cos we keep winning and they were like " I'll follow you the next round" but we lost haha They gave us the evil stare )): so we just cash out straight away lollol.

3 more days till school starts D: Mummy is complaining that I go out too much, but it is the last few days of my holiday so yea hehe. Actually this is a really long holiday around 1 and a half month for me :/ so I dont think I'll get used to going to school but I really have to try :))  

Metros tonight !!! YAY gonna drink till we drop :D I hope she can come party with me but sighhh she's underage )): well I'm underage too but i got my way tehee. Will ditched us for this chick called LALABABY LOL , so me and mark have to take the taxi , another 30 buks gone )): Its mark's last time in Metros he is going back next Friday. so i guess I had to do lots of shots together :DD
Tonight is gonna be FUN !!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

5 more days till school starts

I'm not ready for school )): but i really have to try my best and not disappointing my mummy again .. MUST  ATTEND SCHOOL !!! JACKIE GOO!!!
Lost 30 buks in poker )): but mark is paying for me hehe .. I'm worried about mark, he is going back to NS on the 19th and he owe every1 money. I dont know how he's gonna pay every1 back , if he told his mum hmmmmmm i think he will get slaughter lol ..
Really dont want him to go NS he is my best friend in Perth and we've been through soo much. sighhhhhh
Eventhough sometimes he pisses me off but he is the one who knows me best :D , its like magic he can always read my mind and i can too haha ..
No matter how long u r going back to SG u're still my bffl, :DD

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

4 days after we met

Last Friday was a really embarrassing night ): It was Jordan's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN !! We went karaoke. it was pretty fun. Michael was drunk and clement was singing and drinking he is good as always. Mark left halfway to Ji's party, i didnt want to go because she was in the karaoke room :))
crying in front of all my friends and her. sighhh it was so embarrassing and i scared her away i think )); 
When I first saw her that night i thought that i could handle it and stop thinking about our past but i cant ): breaking up with her was the biggest mistake i made . Even though all my friends told me that there's still many girls out there but i just realise that shes perfect for me :D  
Thinking bout it, its almost a year after we broken up. I hope she is enjoying her life now and stay happy :D Sometimes i wonder if she still think about me :)  
I hope that she gives me another chance to prove that I still loves her. 
and I really miss you )):