Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The days in Canning College

It has been so long since i wrote a new post. Today was awesome, :D get to eat lunch with Cynthia and her friend. I haven't seen her for so long I truthfully misses her :D but after that there are still 2 more hours of management coming up. D: Not looking forward to that :/ just gonna sleep the class away haha..

Sooooo in this few weeks what've I done. hmmmm Been a good boy didnt go to clubbing and Casino. Only been to a party in this few weeks what a good boy :D can't believe this is happening to me. I scored 63% on legal studies, quite happy hehe. My goal by the end of the semester is to attend all classes, get good results and get my driving license.

My best friend's parents are here in Perth they are staying at our house for two weeks. They are here to attend my best friend's sister graduation. Congratzzz hehe. Cousin have to squish in my room for 2 weeks D: its good in a way we get to know each other more.

There's a basketball tournament on the 14th Sept. Gonna dominate them so badly haha.

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