Thursday, 28 July 2011

Burswood suck up my monehh D:

On Monday we went to met Cynthia in the city. We went to Sing K and she was great as always ((: After that we had steam bot for dinner :D 

We went to Burswood again 2 days ago sighhhh .. lost around 400+ ..  that's one burberry wallet D: After that went to All night Pizza with Clem, Will, Ting Ting and King , I bought the pizza for every1 to share even though i lost money : / We keep repeating this song in Will's car it's called 不要在我寂寞的时候说爱我  . this song is really meaningful haha

Yesterday we had a mini "party" at Mark's and Cynthia was there YAY even though we didn't do much but I was happy :D I'm pretty sure she felt bored tho ): After that gt pulled by mark to go axyl's house to play Poker FFS he made me skipped my school again )): but he's leaving on Friday already so it's worth staying all night I guess. So the next day I didn't manage to go to school because we finished poker at 6 30.

Today, woke up at 2 ish .. didn't do much just went to Murdoch gym to play some basketball, and some1 with a willo leavers said HEY !! to us from far away but me and Clem didn't recognise who it is, as she walks closer its YOUDAN !! haha Clem was happy but shy lol. I am staying home the whole night so i can go to school tmr hope no 1 come and drag me out of the house ((:

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