Tuesday, 19 July 2011

4 days after we met

Last Friday was a really embarrassing night ): It was Jordan's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN !! We went karaoke. it was pretty fun. Michael was drunk and clement was singing and drinking he is good as always. Mark left halfway to Ji's party, i didnt want to go because she was in the karaoke room :))
crying in front of all my friends and her. sighhh it was so embarrassing and i scared her away i think )); 
When I first saw her that night i thought that i could handle it and stop thinking about our past but i cant ): breaking up with her was the biggest mistake i made . Even though all my friends told me that there's still many girls out there but i just realise that shes perfect for me :D  
Thinking bout it, its almost a year after we broken up. I hope she is enjoying her life now and stay happy :D Sometimes i wonder if she still think about me :)  
I hope that she gives me another chance to prove that I still loves her. 
and I really miss you )):

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