Thursday, 21 July 2011

5 more days till school starts

I'm not ready for school )): but i really have to try my best and not disappointing my mummy again .. MUST  ATTEND SCHOOL !!! JACKIE GOO!!!
Lost 30 buks in poker )): but mark is paying for me hehe .. I'm worried about mark, he is going back to NS on the 19th and he owe every1 money. I dont know how he's gonna pay every1 back , if he told his mum hmmmmmm i think he will get slaughter lol ..
Really dont want him to go NS he is my best friend in Perth and we've been through soo much. sighhhhhh
Eventhough sometimes he pisses me off but he is the one who knows me best :D , its like magic he can always read my mind and i can too haha ..
No matter how long u r going back to SG u're still my bffl, :DD

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