Saturday, 23 July 2011

Burswood & Metro :D

I went burswood with Will and Clement yesterday. Everyone won :)) YAY hehe . but Will still complains that he didn't win enough.hahaha me and Clement were playing Bacarat and Will was playing BlackJack by himself. All the aunties were shock cos we keep winning and they were like " I'll follow you the next round" but we lost haha They gave us the evil stare )): so we just cash out straight away lollol.

3 more days till school starts D: Mummy is complaining that I go out too much, but it is the last few days of my holiday so yea hehe. Actually this is a really long holiday around 1 and a half month for me :/ so I dont think I'll get used to going to school but I really have to try :))  

Metros tonight !!! YAY gonna drink till we drop :D I hope she can come party with me but sighhh she's underage )): well I'm underage too but i got my way tehee. Will ditched us for this chick called LALABABY LOL , so me and mark have to take the taxi , another 30 buks gone )): Its mark's last time in Metros he is going back next Friday. so i guess I had to do lots of shots together :DD
Tonight is gonna be FUN !!!

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